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B You are one of a group of students making a poster presentation for
a wellness fair at City Hall. Your group's title is Promoting Better Oral
Health in the Community. You have been using the following passage to
create the poster.

[Oral Health: Looking into the Mirror]

In recent years, governments around the world have been working to raise
awareness about oral health. While many people have heard that brushing
their teeth multiple times per day is good habit, they most likely have
not considered all the reasons why this is crucial. Simply stated, teeth
are important. Teeth are required to pronounce words accurately. In fact,
poor oral health can actually make it difficult to speak. An even more
basic necessity is being able to chew well. Chewing breaks food down and
makes it easier for the body to digest it. Proper chewing is also linked
to the enjoyment of food. The average person has experienced the
frustration of not being able to chew on one side after a dental
procedure. A person with weak teeth may experience this disappointment all
the time. In other words, oral health impacts people's quality of life.
While the basic functions of teeth are clear, many people do not realize
that the mouth provides a mirror for the body. Research shows that good
oral health is a clear sign of good general health. People with poor oral
health are more likely to develop serious physical diseases. Ignoring
recommended daily oral health routines can have negative effects on those
already suffering from diseases. Conversely, practicing good oral health
may even prevent disease. A strong, healthy body is often a reflection of
a clean, well-maintained mouth.
Maintaining good oral health is a lifelong mission. The Finnish and US
governments recommend that parents take their infants to the dentist before
the baby turns one year old. Finland actually sends parents notices. New
Zealand offers free dental treatment to everyone up to age 18. The Japanese
government promotes an 8020 (Eighty-twenty) Campaign. As people age, they
can lose teeth for various reasons. The goal of the campaign is still to
have at least 20 teeth in the mouth on one's 80th birthday.
Taking a closer look at Japan, the Ministry of Health, Labour and
Welfare has been analyzing survey data on the number of remaining teeth
in serious for many years. One researcher divided the oldest participants
into four age groups: A (70-74), B (75-79), C (80-84), and D (85+). In
each survey, with the exception of 1993, the percentages of people with at
least 20 teeth were in A-B-C-D order from high to low. Between 1993 and
1999, however, Group A improved only about six percentage points, while the
increase for B was slightly higher. In 1993, 25.5% in Group A had at least
20 teeth, but by 2016 the Group D percentage was actually 0.2 percentage
points higher than Group A's initial figure. Group B increased steadily at
first, but went up dramatically between 2005 and 2011. Thanks to better
awareness, every group has improved significantly over the years.
Dentists have long recommended brushing after meals. People actively
seeking excellent oral health may brush several times per day. Most brush
their teeth before they go to sleep and then again at some time the
following morning. Dentists also believe it is important to floss daily,
using a special type of string to remove substances from between teeth.
Another prevention method is for a dentist to seal the teeth using a
plastic gel (sealant) that hardens around the tooth surface and prevents
damage. Sealant is gaining popularity especially for use with children.
This only takes one coating and prevents an amazing 80% of common dental
Visiting the dentist annually or more frequently is key. As dental
treatment sometimes causes pain, there are those who actively avoid seeing
a dentist. However, it is important that people start viewing their dentist
as an important ally who can, literally, make them smile throughout their

[Promoting Better Oral Health in the Community]

[1. Importance of Teeth]
A. Crucial to speak properly
B. Necessary to break down food
C. Helpful to enjoy food
D. Needed to make a good impression
E. Essential for good quality of life

2. [ 44 ]
Finland & the US: Recommendations for treatment before age 1
New Zealand: Free treatment for youth
Japan: 8020 (Eighty-Twenty) Campaign (see Figure 1)


3. [Helpful Advice]


問1 Under the first poster heading, your group wants to express the
importance of teeth as explained in the passage. Everyone agrees that one
suggestion does not fit well. Which of the following should you [not]
include? [ 43 ]

問2 You have been asked to write the second heading for the poster.
Which of the following is the most appropriate? [ 44 ]
{1} National 8020 Programs Targeting Youth
{2} National Advertisements for Better Dental Treatment
{3} National Efforts to Encourage Oral Care
{4} National Systems Inviting Infants to the Dentist

問3 You want to show the results of the researcher's survey in Japan.
Which of the following graphs is the most appropriate one for your poster?
[ 45 ]

問4 Under the last poster heading, you want to add specific advice based
on the passage. Which two of the following statements should you use? (The
order does not matter.) [ 46 ]・[ 47 ]
{1} Brush your teeth before you eat breakfast.
{2} Check your teeth in the mirror every day.
{3} Make at least one visit to the dentist a year.
{4} Put plastic gel on your teeth frequently.
{5} Use dental floss between your teeth daily.

※マーク部分の□は[ ]で、マル1は{1}で表記しています。

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■ スラッシュリーディング

B You are one / of a group of students / making a poster / presentation
/ for a wellness fair / at City Hall.
あなたは一人だ / 学生のグループの / ポスターを作っている / 発表
/ 福祉フェアのための / 市役所での

Your group's title is / Promoting Better Oral Health in the Community.
あなたのグループのタイトルは / Promoting Better Oral Health in the Communityだ

You have been using / the following passage / to create the poster.
あなたは使っている / 次の文章を / そのポスターを作るため



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