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■ 問題



You are applying for a scholarship to attend an international summer
program. As part of the application process, you need to make a
presentation about a famous person from another country. Complete your
presentation slides based on the article below.

During his 87 years of life, both above and below the waves, Jacques
Cousteau did many great things. He was an officer in the French navy,
an explorer, an environmentalist, a filmmaker, a scientist, an author,
and a researcher who studied all forms of underwater life.

Born in France in 1910, he went to school in Paris and then entered the
French naval academy in 1930. After graduating 1933, he was training to
become a pilot, when he was involved in a car accident and was badly
injured. This put an end to his flying career. To help recover from his
injuries, Cousteau began swimming in the Mediterranean, which increased
his interest in life underwater. Around this time, he carried out his
first underwater research. Cousteau remained in the navy until 1949, even
though he could no longer follow his dream of becoming a pilot.

In the 1940s, Cousteau became friends with Marcel Ichac, who lived in the
same village. Both men shared a desire to explore unknown and
difficult-to-reach places. For Ichac this was mountain peaks, and for
Cousteau it was the mysterious world under the sea. In 1943, these two
neighbors became widely recognized when they won a prize for the first
French underwater documentary.

Their documentary, 18 Meters Deep, had been filmed the previous year
without breathing equipment. After their success they went on to make
another film, Shipwrecks, using one of the very first underwater breathing
devices, known as the Aqua-Lung. While filming Shipwrecks, Cousteau was not
satisfied with how long he could breathe underwater, and made improvements
to its design. His improved equipment enabled him to explore the wreck of
the Roman ship, the Mahdia, in 1948.

Cousteau was always watching the ocean, even from age four when he first
learned how to swim. In his book, The Silent World, published in 1953, he
describes a group of dolphins following his boat. He had long suspected
that dolphins used echolocation (navigating with sound waves), so he
decided to try an experiment. Cousteau changed direction by a few degrees
so that the boat wasn't following the best course, according to his
underwater maps. The dolphins followed for a few minutes, but then changed
back to their original course. Seeing this, Cousteau confirmed his
prediction about their ability, even though human use of echolocation was
still relatively new.

Throughout his life, Cousteau's work would continue to be recognized
internationally. He had the ability to capture the beauty of the world
below the surface of the ocean with cameras, and he shared the images with
ordinary people through his many publications. For this he was awarded the
Special Gold Medal by National Geographic in 1961. Later, his lifelong
passion for environmental work would help educate people on the necessity
of protecting the ocean and aquatic life. For this he was honored in 1977
with the United Nations International Environment Prize.

Jacques Cousteau's life has inspired writers, filmmakers, and even
musicians. In 2010, Brad Matsen published Jacques Cousteau: The Sea King.
This was followed by the film The Odyssey in 2016, which shows his time as
the captain of the research boat Calypso. When Cousteau was at the peak of
his career, the American musician John Denver used the research boat as
the title for a piece on his album Windsong.

Cousteau himself produced more than 50 books and 120 television
documentaries. His first documentary series, The Undersea World of Jacques
Cousteau, ran for ten years. His style of presentation made these programs
very popular, and a second documentary series, The Cousteau Odyssey, was
aired for another five years. Thanks to the life and work of Jacques
Cousteau, we have a better understanding of what is going on under waves.

問1 Which is the best subtitle for your presentation? [ 30 ]
{1} Capturing the Beauty of Nature in Photographs
{2} Discovering the Mysteries of Intelligent Creatures
{3} Exploring the Top and Bottom of the World
{4} Making the Unknown Undersea World Known

問2 Choose the best option to complete the Early Career (before 1940)
slide. [ 31 ]
{1} Developed underwater breathing equipment
{2} Forced to give up his dream of becoming a pilot
{3} Shifted his focus from the ocean to air
{4} Suffered severe injuries while underwater

問3 Choose [four] out of the five events ({1}〜{5}) in the order they
happened to complete the [In the 1940s] slide.
{1} Dived to the Mahdia using improved equipment
{2} Filmed a documentary without breathing equipment
{3} Helped one of his neighbors explore high places
{4} Left the French navy
{5} Won an award and became famous

問4 Choose the best combination to complete the Some Major Works slide.
[ 36 ]

問5 Choose two achievements to complete the [Contributions] slide.
(The order does not matter.) [ 37 ]・[ 38 ]
{1} Built a TV station to broadcast documentaries about marine life
{2} Encouraged people to protect the ocean environment
{3} Established prizes to honor innovative aquatic filmmaking
{4} Produced many beautiful images of the underwater world
{5} Trained pilots and researchers in the French navy

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■ スラッシュリーディング

You are applying / for a scholarship / to attend
/ an international summer program.
あなたは応募している / 奨学金に / 参加するための
/ 国際的なサマープログラムに

As part of the application process, / you need / to make a presentation
/ about a famous person / from another country.
応募過程の一部として / あなたは必要とする / プレゼンテーションをする
/ 有名な人について / 他の国からの



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